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Natural Skin Care Consultation

A natural approach..

During your consultation we will talk about what you would like to achieve, any concerns, address any skin issues and look at ways to implement a more natural way of caring for your skin.

Example products blended by Ibbi Lidstone. Available to purchase

Please note that the Skin Care Consultation is for cosmetic purposes only. If you would like to see me for skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis please book in for an Aromatherapy consultation.

My approach to natural skin care is, as much as it is possible, to use ingredients derived from mother nature. We can do this by using carefully selected natural organic skin care products or even by making the products ourselves!

I work with Neal's Yard Remedies Organic skan care range, but can also recommend other British brands with similar ethics and qualities. I also work with pure ingredients such as plant oils, essential oils and hydrolats etc.

After your consultation I will write the things down we have discussed along with any advice, products/ingredients recommendations, skin care routine suggestions and

you will receive either a 10ml pure plant oil or

a 30ml hydrolat which is included in the price.

A consultation takes approximately 1 hour.

You can also purchase additional products such as other single or prescribed, blended ingredients* or talk to me about the NYR Organic products.

* Prices typically range between £5 - £18 per product.

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