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Facial Treatments

Consultation & Bespoke Skin Treatment:  |  45min  £50  |  60min  £60  |  75min  £75  -  incl an initial 30 - 45min consultation

A bespoke facial treatment is carried out using the pharmaceutical grade dermaviduals products. It is completely tailored to the individual, and each time you come in, the treatment will be slightly different to accommodate for your skin's current needs. It includes a comprehensive initial consultation which is an important first step in your treatment as it will tell me how I need to treat your skin safely and effectively. I will advise you on skincare products, how to use them at home and should you wish I can prepare any bespoke products from dermaviduals for you to carry on with at home in between treatments. 

As a standard your facial will include cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, treatment mask, actives (serum), eye care and sun protection. Depending on what your skin needs and the length of your treatment I may add:

- Extractions                                       - Ice Globes

- High Frequency                               - Ultrasonic deep clean or product infusion

- AHA treatment (very superficial peel)    - Longer duration facial massage

Dermaviduals skincare for eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, psoriasis, strengthens skin barrier, calms inflammation, heals the skin.

* As part of the bespoke treatment, a dermaviduals Starter Pack is available to purchase at the reduced price of £25 (normally £45)

Consultation & Skin Assessment with dermaviduals Starter Pack:  60min  £75

A consultation and skin assessment is all about determining what's going on with your skin and how it can be supported through appropriate home care. I will look to identify issues and culprits both through visual and verbal assessment, and at the end put together a plan of how to rectify problems and then discuss the next steps. During your consultation I will be asking a lot of questions in regard to the history of your skin and general health. This will help me to build a timeline and understand what has contributed to any issues there may be.

  - Included in the price is a dermaviduals Starter Pack (normally £45) which contain a cleanser and two other products selected to suit your skins needs.

Consultation & Skin Assessment:  60min £50  -  £10 redeemable toward product

Identical to the consultation outlined above but without the dermaviduals Starter pack. Instead, £10 of the price can go toward any product you may wish to purchase.

Other Treatments:

Back Facial:   60min  £45  - Please allow an extra 15- 20min at your first appointment for the initial consultation

Includes Cleansing, Steam and Exfoliation, Extractions, High Frequency, Treatment Mask

and Hydration.

The Products
Dermaviduals skincare for eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, psoriasis, strengthens skin barrier, calms inflammation, heals the skin.

Dermaviduals is a topical skincare that works with the skin and is different from most skincare products as they have the benefit of being free of emulsifiers and formulated to be

'skin similar'. This is what makes them so useful in the application of CORNEOTHERAPY.

Dermaviduals skincare for eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, psoriasis, strengthens skin barrier, calms inflammation, heals the skin.

What sets Dermaviduals apart from any other skincare product line

is their exclusion of emulsifiers and their creation of DMS, Derma Membrane Structure, found in all their base products. DMS is a unique ingredient formulation that has a very similar structure to that of the skin's lipid bilayers. It has therefore all the potential for correcting disorders that so often are caused by a poor functioning skin barrier (ECZEMA, ROSACEA, ACNE and other inflammatory skin conditions).


By speaking the skin's own language, the Dermaviduals base products aid in the repair of the barrier function even before adding any active ingredients, creating a happier, healthier and better looking skin. Instead of emulsifiers to mix water and oil (substances equal important for a healthy skin) phosphate lipids called phosphatidylcholine are part of the product formulations. These lipids are found naturally in the body and for this reason are readily accepted by the skin.

Active ingredients are often added to the base products. These have a special delivery system through the use of liposomes and nanoparticles. This gives them the ability to penetrate the skin layers so they can take effect and create positive changes within the skin. Without proper delivery, active ingredients will simply remain on the skin surface and eventually be rubbed or washed off. 

I have chosen to work with Dermaviduals because I truly believe they are the best topical skincare we can offer our skin today and provides the best chance of making changes to it to achieve desired results. 

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