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Price list

Facial Treatments:

Consultation & Skin Assessment                             60min     £50   £5 redeemable toward product

Online Skin Health Consultation via Zoom:                60min    £50   £5 redeemable toward a full-size product 

Follow Up Consultations in person or via Zoom:     45min    £40   |   30min    £30 

Bespoke Skin Treatment       45min    £50   |   60min    £60   |   75min    £75

  - Please allow an extra 15min at your first appointment for the initial consultation

Natural Face Lift Massage:


One treatment                                                  60 min           £45

A course of 6 treatments   Save 10%                 60 min           £243

Microcurrent Facelift:

Single treatment                         45min       £60 

Course of 6    Save 10%                            £324  

Course of 10 (recommended)  Save 10%    £540                                           


60min    £55    |    90min    £75    |    30min    £40   When using clinic's towels

60min    £50    |    90min    £70    |    30min    £35   When bringing own towels

Please allow 20-30min extra for your first treatment to go through an initial consultation


In order to keep costs down and be kinder on the environment, I have two price brackets. When you bring your own towels I can keep the cost down and save energy on washing. If you'd like to come regularly I will be happy to store the towels for you. When it isn't possible to bring towels, I can provide them at an extra cost of £5 

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